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 At Revolution Global TV, we are fully committed to providing the very best service possible, that’s why we offer you to try before you buy! 

Recommended devices, Amazon Firestick, Android TV box (min 2gb ram)

Also compatible with Smart TV’s, Mag Boxes, PC’s and iOS and Android phones and tablets.



Weekend subscription

  • 700 UK Premium Channels
  • Catchup TV & VOD Included
  • EPL, iFollow & beIN Sports

£5.50 | Buy Now


monthly subscription

  • 700 UK Premium Channels
  • Catchup TV & VOD Included
  • EPL, iFollow & beIN Sports.
  • **Add our easy to use VPN for only £1.99.**

£9.99 | Buy Now


annual subscription

  • 700 UK Premium Channels
  • Catchup TV & VOD Included
  • EPL, iFollow & beIN Sports.
  • **A VPN is included free of charge.**

£69.00 | Buy Now


multiroom subscription

  • 700 UK Premium Channels
  • Catchup TV & VOD Included
  • EPL, iFollow & beIN Sports.
  • **A VPN is included free of charge.**

£89.00 | Buy Now



  • 700 UK Premium Channels
  • Catchup TV & VOD Included
  • EPL, iFollow & beIN Sports.
  • **A VPN is included free of charge.**

£109.00 | Buy Now


Plex Annual Subscription

  • Latest Movies
  • Latest TV series updated daily
  • Sports
  • Live TV Channels inc free


£50.00 | Buy Now



  • Our Partner Starter Pack is fantastic for newbies who are just starting out or for those who already have a full-time job.


£100.00 | Buy Now

We now supply a free VPN with all our 12 month IPTV subscriptions


Your very own comprehensive Movie and TV library. All the movies and TV box sets you could ever want all on demand. Latest blockbuster movies. Also all your favorite TV show including popular UK shows and soaps added within a few hours of the program being aired.




We work with the very best supplier with a  fantastic 99.6% up time and buffer free system. We offer a first class level of customer support via our online ticketing system which is available  to our clients.


When placing an order via our website, we guarantee to have you up and running  within  2  hours. We don’t need to send an engineer, simply place your order and we will send you instructions on finalise your setup.


We have an online team who consistently monitor our streams and who are available 7 days a week! Our sole aim is to provide the very best end service available and ensure that our customers are always happy with the products we supply.


You will need a VPN to use our service in the UK. All 12 month subscriptions come with a free VPN (UK only).

You can also purchase a VPN separately at a very competitive price. 

We have teamed up with with of the best and most reliable VPN suppliers to bring you a fast a reliable connection speed at a very competitive price.

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We’re all one happy family!

Since we provide your Television service, 365 days a year, every year and we’re available for all of our customers, we like to think of ourselves as a part of your family! We’re here whenever you need us from start to finish! We really are one big happy family!

What Our Clients are Saying

What can i say, i joined Revolution Global TV 3 months ago and the service is truly fantastic, plus, what can i say, the price is a fraction of what my previous suppliers were charging me.


Highly recommended, the sales agent, Richard, was there from start to finish and had me setup and fully running within 10 minutes.

Jane Moore


Firedl code: 255692         Download link:  http://tinyurl.com/revolutionq

Firedl code: 227343

Download link: http://tinyurl.com/revstb

Firedl code: 587885

Dowload link: http://tinyurl.com/revplayer

Firedl code: 965555

Dowload link: http://tinyurl.com/revsmart

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  Getting set up as an Revolution customer

  • Your services are for domestic use only.
  • You must have a Symmetrical internet speed of more than 10mbps if you are outside the UK, within the UK, you must have a Symmetrical internet speed of more than 15mbps.
  • When you receive your login details, please keep them safe and do not share them with anyone.
  • Non-standard set-up of your TV services may cost extra e.g. if additional cabling, brackets or mounts are needed.
  • If, from information you have provided, fraud is identified, we may ask you for other details and documents to confirm your identity.
  • We provide a free 24 hr trial for you to test our service for compatibility with your ISP and equipment.  Once you take out a paid subscription no refund will be given.

Paying for your Revolution services and your bill

  • Prices and services may vary, including during the minimum term. We will let you know about any material changes and your options before we make them.
  • In your minimum term, prices will not increase. Your minimum term is the amount of days, weeks and years in which you have paid in advance for your service with us.
  • Payments must be made prior to experiencing Revolution Television
  • You can pay for your service on the Revolution Television website, by bank transfer, standing order or PayPal.
  • We may charge any monies you owe us to the card you used to pay for your set up or upfront payment.

Ending your Revolution Television services

  • To cancel your service with us, you must visit your online account and proceed to the cancellations tab, from there, you will be able to choose if you would like to cancel your service immediately or from a future date.
  • You confirm that by cancelling with immediate effect, no monies will be refunded for the remaining period of your subscription with us.

Revolution Television – General information

    • You need to connect your own device or Revolution Box to broadband to receive any of our services.
    • The Revolution box must connect to a TV using an HDMI cable.
    • If you’re using your own device, you will be required to download our app from your device’s app store or our website.
    • All customers receive the same channels and when streaming within the UK, you may be required to use a VPN.
    • We may charge a reasonable administration fee should you decide to transfer any lines into someone else’s name, such as splitting a multiroom connection into two households.

Revolution Television – If you’ve taken Multiroom ​ Revolution customers:

  • You need an active broadband connection for our service.
  • You will be able to record using your Revolution Box, however, additional lines will be required to record more than one program.
  • We recommend a minimum broadband speed of 12 mbps per Revolution Device or your own device.
  • The Revolution TV App is not compatible with a version one firestick.
  • A minimum 2 GB RAM Android box is recommended.

Revolution Television – Channel Quality & Selection

  • Whilst we are always aiming to strive for the very best service possible, sometimes we have limitations to the selection of channels we provide, this can mean that at times, we may not be able to supply you with FHD channels so the quality may be lower than what you are seeing on your other channels.
  • Catch up on Demand is available on selected channels and we reserve the right to add or cancel at any time.
  • Video on demand is available for all customers, you may request additional content by emailing sales@revolutionglobaltv.com, we reserve the right to add or remove any content we feel necessary.
  • Whilst our service requires a non-fluctuating internet speed, it is an agreement between yourself and your internet service provider to ensure that you are always being supplied a steady internet speed. You can check your internet speed by visiting our speed checking website [www.speedtest.net]